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N1BTE – Welcome to our new transport service featuring single vehicle dedicated transport

MoveYourWheels.com offers a service designed for vehicle movements within Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Our username on most of the transport forums is N1BTE so if you have googled our username you have found the correct page to get further information.

Van and car transport specialist, dedicated vehicle logistics transport service – All Ireland van and car transporter.

If you need a vehicle transported urgently anywhere in Northern Ireland or Republic of Ireland? We can help. Our dedicated van or car transporter service means we only lift your single vehicle and travel directly to its final transport destination. No other collections or deliveries are undertaken en-route, thus ensuring your vehicle arrives in the same condition that it left your premises. An Ideal solution for private buyers, small garages, dealerships, fleet management and rental companies.

So what does it cost to use our transport service? Not as much as you think. We price all our jobs on a round trip basis (ie miles covered from when we leave our premises until we return to our premises).

We price all jobs n a round trip basis.
Minimum Charge Applies £60.00

We also offer a service to recover siezed and impounded vehicles – call for details

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Contact Brian on 07711 841108 to arrange a transport movement